Document Scanning

My Business Assistant offers two simple Document Scanning Services.

Documents must be able to lay flat and generally fit within an 8-1/2" x 11" flatbed scanner.  However, there are many ways
to get creative, use our resource and on large projects we can out-source a few special pages.  So please feel free to ask
about odd projects you wonder if they fit within our parameters.  We can decide together.

Document Preservation is simply scanning your existing paper document into an electronic version for storage or use.  
My Business Assistant can scan into a number of formats, pdf, tiff, jpg, or gif.  Most commonly, we convert to pdf for viewing
with the commonly used and freely distributed Adobe Acrobat software program.

Each page of the document is stored as an individual image and cannot be modified.  You may want to think of it as a
snapshot or picture of each document page that was scanned.

My Business Assistant will work with you to designate how you would like to catalog your documents electronically for easy
reference.  Files are returned to you on CD, along with your original paper copies.

Scanning for document preservation can free up filing and storage space and also make for easy and simple storage for
important documents into a safe deposit box or locking filing cabinet.

Document Conversion is taking your typed document or manuscript page, scanning it and running it through an OCR
(optical character recognition) software program which reads the individual characters, interprets them and creates a word
processing document from them.  The result is a Microsoft Word document which you can continue to edit.

This process eliminates the re-keying of pages of a typed manuscript or years of a journal or other valued documents.  The
clearer the original document, the better the end result will be.  Unfortunately, this process does not work from handwritten
pages, this process works from the printed page.

It is important to understand that conversion is not 100% accurate and formatting is usually lost in the process.  Therefore
proofing and editing is necessary after scanning.
 My Business Assistant can provide proofing and formatting or you may
prefer to handle this task yourself.

Please be conscious of copyrighted materials when requesting document conversion.  


My Business Assistant's regular hourly rate of $28 per hour is charged for Document Scanning.  Minimum 1 hour.

Each project varies widely, scanning can take from 30 seconds to 5 minutes per page, with approximately 15 minutes set
up per project.

Pick up and delivery is at the regular hourly rate with no additional charge for mileage or gas.
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