Whether my request is last minute or well-planned, Lori always comes
through with flying colors."
-- Paul, Aramark Uniform Services, Spokane, WA
website: www.Aramark-Uniform.com
My Business Assistant truly was just that, and even though she was 170
miles away and we never once met in person, she always made me feel
confident the job was going to get done right.  Conversing over the internet,
she helped our company refine its business plan for an SBA loan package
and presentation.  When the final draft was completed she packaged it very
neatly creating a professional arrangement only large corporations with
unlimited resources can usually afford to produce.  Her experience in
business was a bonus as she added valuable insight to our plan by offering
concise feedback throughout the process. Lori was invaluable to our
business during this project.  I would recommend her services to anyone.

-- David Muniz, Glass & Home Innovations, Libby, MT
I have used My Business Assistant a number of times - she covered my
whole business while I was out of town for two weeks - checked and
answered e-mails, took orders and shipped product.  What a wonderful
feeling to be gone for two weeks and not worry at all about my business.

She came to my office the day before I left and when she saw I had
packages to send to my grand kids, and a couple of items to return to a
store, she said "I'll do that- you just go pack".   

I am continuing to use her services, researching addresses and contacts
and sending out press releases to help me increase product sales.  She
really CAN help you accomplish your goals......call
My Lori!"

-- Penny Jo Wagner, Womens Athletic Group, Spokane, WA
Inventor of the Bounce Free! Sport Bra
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My Personal Assistant
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